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Our Staff

We have two dedicated Early Years Professionals leading the sessions at The Knutsford Family Hub. Their introductions can be found below.
Shelley Hoyle

I began my working career in the Royal Air Force.  I really did not know the first thing about children - I thought that they were sticky and loud and a bit unnecessary.  


What a shock it was to me when I left the Air Force to have my first child, then a second and a third!  I realised then that having a child was the hardest but most rewarding job in the world and I wanted to find out more about child development.  


Seven years later I graduated with an honours degree in Early Years, then completion of a PGCE in Early Years.  For the past 8 years I have had the privilege of working firstly as a Reception teacher and now as a Nursery teacher and I love every minute!

It all started when I took my daughter to my first Mums and Tots group - I now realise these meetings were priceless both for my own sanity and that of my friends.  I know that Esther did the same with her children which is why we are so genuinely thrilled to be able to offer the Knutsford Family Hub.

Esther Holden

After completing my degree in Fine Art I began a career in nursing. I then went on to have my four children, two boys and twin girls who are now nearly all grown up!

Whilst caring for my young children I began working as an Ofsted registered childminder, working with babies and toddlers and providing before and after school care for older children. I then made the move into working in a school and nursery setting in both the nursery and reception classes.

Over my Early Years career I have provided 1:1 support for children with SEN, organised and led crèches for Children’s Centres and set up and led the Two Year Old Provision within a school and nursery.

Raising children is an incredibly important, rewarding and hard job. I believe it is so important for parents, carers and educators to work together to help and support each other to provide the best possible chances for all of our children.

Our Knutsford Family Hub groups will give people a chance to get together to have a chat, a moan, a laugh, make friends and learn new ways to help make their parenting journeys a fantastic experience.

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